Available options

Generate BibTeX key
Generate av BibTeX key from the first authors lastname and year of publication.
Prettyprint output
Format the generated BibTeX record. The the text in the abstract and keyword field is wrapped.
Use IEEEtran.bst journal macros
Replace journal titles with string macros defined by the IEEEtran.bst style file. The style is available on CTAN. The user manual is recommended reading. It is very informative and has many useful tips for handling nonstandard publications.
Put braces around uppercase words
Put {} around all uppercase words in the title, booktitle and journal fields. Example. AUV becomes {AUV}, IEEE becomes {IEEE}.
Put braces around uppercase letters
Put {} around uppercase letters in the title, booktitle and journal fields.
Use First Last author format
Output authors as Firstname Lastname instead of the default Lastname, Firstname format.
Include conference date
Include the conference date in the BibTeX output.
Use "" instead of {}
Use "" as data delimiter. Example: author = "Fauske, K. M.",
Upper each first
Capitalize first letter of each word in the title
Generate bookmarklet
By selecting this option, all the current settings are baked into a bookmarklet for quick access. You can then add the bookmarklet to your favorites and use it to convert references directly from IEEEXplore and EV2 without copying and pasting it into a BibConverter form. Follow the instructions below or watch this demonstration.
  1. Select the desired options and generate a bookmarklet.
  2. Add the bookmarklet to your bookmark folder or toolbar.
  3. In IEEEXplore or EV2, select some text.
  4. Select the bookmark generated in step one.
  5. The bookmarklet will now submit the selected text to BibConverter and output the generated BibTeX record in a new window.
A bookmarlet can be used multiple times and it can be used without opening the BibConverter web page first. You need to generate separate bookmarklets for IEEEXplore and EV2.

Note: The bookmarklet feature will not work in Internet Explorer. This is because IE has a strict limit on the allowed length of a bookmarklet. With the current implementation BibConverter generates bookmarklets that are too long for IE to handle.

Note: The bookmarklet can not select any text for you. This is a limitation in the javascript API.

Tips for JabRef users

JabRef is an excellent open source bibliography reference manager. Here are a few assorted tips: