BibConverter is a simple web application for direct conversion of data from online bibliographic databases to the BibTeX format. It extracts data from text copied directly from the web page and outputs BibTeX records that contains much more information than citations exported using the export functionality provided by the bibliographic services. BibConverter currently supports conversion of data from IEEEXplore, Engineering Village 2 and ISI Web of Science.


  1. Find an interesting article in IEEEXplore (IEEEX), Engineering Village (EV2) or ISI Web of Science(WoS) that you want to put in your BibTeX database
  2. Select the AbstractPlus or Abstract view in IEEEX, or Detailed record view in EV2, or Full record view in WoS. In IEEEX you can also extract multiple citations from the search results.
  3. Select the data as shown in figure 1 and figure 2. You can also select the whole page at once using Ctrl+A. BibConverter will automatically remove unnecessary text
  4. Copy the selected text to the clipboard
  5. Paste the text into the IEEEXplore, EV2 or WoS texarea
  6. Press the Convert button
  7. Copy the generated BibTeX entry into your BibTeX file

Alternatively you can use the brand new bookmarklet feature to speed up the process.


 Figure 1
 Figure 2